A very simple app I built to help me easily create an empty Git Repository on my local Git Server. It uses the SSH connection to the server and allows me to run this from a PC. You are welcome to download it and ust it for your own Git Server. If you would like more functionality to it, send me an email and I will see what I can do. What took me 5 minutes before, now takes 5 seconds. It was a nice exercise for my brain.

This will not work with GitHub. It only works with private SSH servers that have the Git server installed on them.

If this is something you think will help you, feel free to download it. See details below on how it works.

Git SSH Details

If you are looking into this, I am guessing you have some technical knowledge and won't bore you with details. This is an app that runs from the command prompt.

Installing Git SSH
  • Download and extract the ZIP file your choice of directory
  • (optional) Add that directory to your PATH environment variables. Adding environment variables to Windows PC
  • (optional) Go into the GitSSH.dll.config file and add your SSH information
  • Open a command prompt and type 'GitSSH [arguments] ' to run the app

There is no need to install anything, except maybe the .NET 7 SDK. Simply extract the contents of the ZIP file into a directory of your choice. You can run the app from that directory, or on your PC if you set up the environment variable.

Using Git SSH

You can store all of the server information in the GitSSH.dll.config file. Enter the information you wish to save, and leave what you want blank. The app will prompt you to enter any information you haven't already provided. Any arguments passed from the command line will override the corresponding value in the GitSSH.dll.config file.

  • App will prompt for any missing information
  • command argument (overrides GitSSH.dll.config)
  • GitSSH.dll.config (least important)

If you store all of your server data including username and password in the GitSSH.dll.config file:

GitSSH --repo [repo-name-here]

If you store all of your server but not your password in the GitSSH.dll.config file:

GitSSH --repo [repo-name-here] --pwd [your-passord]

I know it works on Windows 10/11. It uses .NET 7 SDK, if there are problems, you can download here. I have not tested it on Linux. Feel free to try it, and let me know if it works on Linux.

Privacy and tracking

This app does not track anything. The only information is saves is the information you enter in the GitSSH.dll.config file. The app never uses that information outside of running the command on your SSH server.

Arguments List
  • --help or --h
    Displays this list of arguments

  • --version or --v
    Displays the version number of the application

  • --server or --s
    Name or IP Address of SSH server.

  • --port or --p
    SSH Port for the server, if nothing is passed app will default to 22

  • --user or --u
    Username to log into SSH server.

  • --password or --pwd
    Password to log into SSH server.

  • --gitroot or --root
    Root directory of the git folder on SSH server.

  • --repo or --r
    Name of the new repo to create in the git root directory on the SSH server.

An example from the command line:

GitSSH --server [server name or IP address] --user [username] --password [password] --gitroot [git-root] --repo [repo-name]

There are more details in the _ReadMe.txt.

Git SSH Donations

If you found this app helpful, please donate to the cause using this button. It will take you to to complete the transaction. If you are unsure about them, feel free to Google them and learn more.

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