About Coder B

In my job I was working on a team that was migrating the company to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. My role was to write web services and code extensions to help it communicate with other systems that are not included in MS Dynamics. Learning about AL Code and how it all works.

Since that project has been shelved for the time being, my team is now in charge of updating tons of archaic code. Most of the apps are hastily put together CRON jobs written C#. Our goal is to add code reuse using custom nuget apps, as well as bringing in Servilog to log events for us in a standard fashion. We will also be just making it easier to problem solve when things go wrong.

I am currently working on migrating all of my angular websites that I care about to Blazor .NET. It has finally gotten to the point to where it is where I want it. This site was the first one :).

My other side project is this site. As you can tell, I don't put much time into it. I haven't even decided what I want to do with it!

Traveling is also a passion of mine. I have been to many places in the U.S., and a few places outside of the U.S. I am currently looking at motorohomes and will get one to travel as much as I can. Someday, I may end up living in one. I haven't decided on that yet, since I like the idea of having a 'Home Base'. Check out the list of places I have been at the bottom of this page.

Fun Fact

I wrote the book... almost. Many years ago, I was chosen to write a book about MSDE (now known as SQL Express). The publisher had reached out to several developers at the time and chose me to write the book. I didn't know what they were doing until the proposal came around. I was very excited that I was chosen, not even knowing what was going on until the end. I even started! I wrote the outline of the book and got it back to the publisher.

But, why 'almost'? Why didn't I finish it? At the time, I had not understood how much it takes to write a book and they wanted it done as fast as possible. I had just started building a house, and got a new job. I had very few hours in my day left, and I just did not have the time to do it at the level they needed from me. Luckily, I realized it early on, and let them know right away. It had only been a few weeks into writing it. They found someone else to write it, and I am sure it was a good job. I never picked up the book.

Sometimes I can make stupid decisions. I should have stuck it out and wrote the book. Just make it happen. I may have been asked to write more books. Or maybe I would be asked to never write again. LOL


The computers that helped me get into programming:

  • TRS-80 Color Computer
  • Timex / Sinclair 1000
  • Apple IIe
  • TRS Model III
  • TRS 80 'Portable' computer
  • Commodore 64
  • 1st IBM PC - 486/100 Mhz

Computers I use today:

  • DIY AMD Ryzen 7 3700X w/ NVidia RTX 3060Ti
  • Lenovo Gaming Laptop w/ NVidia GTX 1660
  • Bee-link SER4 AMD 5 5600H w/ Radeon Graphics 32 GB RAM
  • Bee-link SER4 AMD 5 5600H w/ Radeon Graphics 16 GB RAM

Outside of coding

Of course I like to play video games. I am into the building games.

Video Games I play

  • Stellaris
  • Farm Simulator 2022
  • Star Citizen (A lot less nowadays)
  • American Truck Simulator
  • European Truck Simulator 2
  • Beat Saber
  • Dyson Sphere Program
  • Empyrion Galactic Survival
  • Transport Fever 2

I also have other things I like to do!

Other Stuff

  • Making Videos
  • Flying my drone
  • Livestreaming on occasion
  • Playing around with technology
  • Looking to buy a motorhome to travel the US


The places I have been:

  • Driven EVERY state in the US, except Hawaii
  • Most Provinces and Territories of Canada
  • Parts of Mexico (I was young, and don't remember all of them)
  • China - total of about 3 months, several locations
  • Thialand - total of about 2 months, not enough places

In my opinion, this is not nearly enough traveling. I have so many other places I want to go, and some to revisit.

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